The user-first learning platform

Employees self-service their learning.
Go automates course administration.
HR creates data-driven employability.

The user-first learning platform

This is what the future of learning looks like:

A life long learning is the norm

You can normalise life long learning. How? By giving employees the freedom to learn independently.

Self-sufficient learning-employees

77% agrees: “A life long learning is your own responsibility. The government can’t do anything to stimulate it”.

Sustainable employability is the new normal

Healthy, flexible employees are more than a job profile. They’re the drivers of an agile organisation.

Mobility without headaches

Organisational development is irremovably linked to human development. Human development? Irremovable from learning.

Social Learning

Why Learning Profiles, Learning Bites, learning lists and more Social Learning features? Because progress is infectious.

Total overview on expertise

Everything changes faster. Everyone learns more. One central learning platform gives you the overview you need to stimulate a life long learning.

“T-mobile wants to be the ‘Challenger’ in the market, but also as an employer. To accomplish this we need likeminded employees. Curious people that are open for new ideas, for ach other and themselves. Forming a learning culture means not trying to fit anyone in boxes. Learning is personal. Springest Go offers our employees a choice – their own. They know best what they should and can learn. Development is no longer a ‘tick the yearly box’ affair. In a fast-paced market learning never stops. Not just in a (digital) classroom, but also by on-job coaching and learning by simply doing.”

“We chose Springest Go to facilitate this movement.”

Esther Burger

HRD Manager and winner L&D Innovation award, T-Mobile


Learning products

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Go Basic

Complete learning catalogue in your house style. Create your own approval workflows for courses and trainings.

Go Enterprise

Everything that Go Basic has, with the ability to add Preferred Suppliers.

Go Connect

Get more out of your current Learning Management System. Springests’ learning catalogue integrates with the most popular LMS systems.

Available as Basic or Enterprise. 

As an employee, you make the choice. We don’t want to dictate that for you. The ambition we have is that employees are at the front-and-centre of their own careers. We’re constantly working to enable that. We have faith. Springest Go helps us push this movement forward. Henk van Dongen

HR Employee Journey Advisor, ING

For employees

Springest Go helps organisations to a complete overview on learning activities. From one central learning platform, your employees can search, book and compare between the largest selection of learning products available. Kick-starting a learning journey was never this easy.

For HR
Which skills do we have in-house? Which do we need to develop? What do employees want? Springest Go’s HR Analytics gives you this insight. Next to this we’ll automate your course administration. The result? You have more time to drive strategic change. That’s how you make HR dynamic again.
For Procurement
A learning organisation requires a lot of back-end work. Closing contracts with preferred suppliers. Getting discounts. Checking invoices. Springest Go takes care of the tail-end spend for you and simplifies learning-product Procurement by connecting to your procurement system. Our fully automated invoice process means less time spent on the details and more on your buying strategy.
For the entire organisation
Constant adjustment is the norm for success. Organisational development is irremovably linked to human development. Human development is irremovably linked to learning. Springest Go grants you insight into that development.

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Our Learning Platform Experts:

Jeroen Persoons

Jeroen Persoons

“You can only help others if you’ve found and know your own place”

Robert Magiera

Robert Magiera

“Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The most important thing is to never stop asking questions”

Daan Buwalda

Daan Buwalda

“To me learning equals winning”