Adoption is the key to success

Springest Go is built on the user-first principal of
We ensure high adoption through our user-friendly platform, our adoption marketeer’s expertise and the help of our learning platform experts.

Your own adoption marketeer

How do you create recognition? Which texts really cause conversion? What about our employer branding?

These questions and more require a marketing look on an L&D situation. That’s why your Springest Go learning platform comes with the help from an adoption marketeer

User-first principal

To employees, Springest Go works no different than – built for consumers, to ensure high conversion. Springest Go takes this same principal and introduces it to the back-end. The result? The most user-friendly learning platform for employees, and L&D.


Consultancy services

We offer low-cost consultancy from our Learning Platform Experts. We want to ensure everyone can reach their full potential. Your success is our success.

Learning organisations – meet your one-stop-shop

Springest Go is more than just a learning platform
We’ll be your learning services partner in every stage of your organisations development.