Back-end automation

User-friendliness isn’t just crucial for employees – Go makes the back-end easy for HR.


User-first Admin

Springests’ user-first design principal can be found back in the Admin. As an organisation it’s easy to appoint Site Owners and Administrators.

Approval flow

Is the manager involved in a registration-approval request? Or just HR? Should Finance glance at it? What of other stakeholders? With Springest Go you can set-up your approval flows in any way you prefer.

Registration to certification

From registration to evaluation and everything inbetween – every step can be automated by Springest Go. Employees choose their own learning products. HR, managers or other stakeholders approve requests. Providers give notice when a course has been completed and upload the certificate directly in Go.

From registration to certification – Go houses every processes.

Compliance en learning in the user-first learning platform

Springest Go is ore than just a learning platform
We support every detail in your organisation’s quest of a life long learning.