Course administration takes up a great deal if time in learning, mobile organisations.
Springest Go removes the back-end burden. allowing your organisation to do what it does best:
driving strategical change.


Your organisation shouldn’t be burdened with financial tasks when your employees start learning en masse. We’ll automate all administrative processes around L&D – including invoicing.

If you want, Springest Go will act as the sole supplier for all your learning content.

One procurement source

You select that available learning content. We’ll handle the back-end work.

We’ll send one overall invoice twice a month so you don’t have to deal with thousands of invoices from hundreds of providers.

One monthly vacancy

Springest Go handles all administration – and invoicing – related to learning spend. In other words: we’ll save you a ton of work. 

Employees handle their own registrations.

Government-grant management

Springest can check if there are available government grants for booked learning products. In some cases, tax authorities can offer beneficial deductions to stimulate employability. This means employees will have to motivate their choice of learning product. We’ll check that motivation to ensure it complies. Springest toetst deze motivatie.

Outsourced learning services

An innovative mobility policy needs an innovative learning platform.
Springest Go supports Agility in your organisation.