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Attract – Develop – Retain
Springest Go is the door to your organisation’s full potential. Employees self-service their learning needs, HR maintains the overview.

Discover the future for learning organisations.


Jobs no longer fit in boxes – neither does learning 

Need a clear Return on Investment-picture? No problem. The Management Dashboard gives highlights Go’s usage – pie charts and all. Not just the search,- and booking behaviour, but the financial details too.

Learning Moments allow employees to share knowledge. Go matches learning profiles with learning products – the next step was never this clear.

More than 200.000 learning products in one platform. Search, book and compare in the most user-friendly way possible. Every employee can take care of their own learning needs, with or without their manager’s help.

“T-mobile wants to be the ‘Challenger’ in the market, but also as an employer. To accomplish this we need likeminded employees. Curious people that are open for new ideas, for each other and themselves. Forming a learning culture means not trying to fit anyone in boxes. Learning is personal. Springest Go offers our employees a choice – their own. They know best what they should and can learn. Development is no longer a ‘tick the yearly box’ affair. In a fast-paced market learning never stops. Not just in a (digital) classroom, but also by on-job coaching and learning by simply doing.”

“We chose Springest Go to facilitate this movement.”

Esther Burger

HRD Manager and winner L&D Innovation award, T-Mobile


Blended learning, e-learning, learning bites or full MBAs and everything in between. We help your employees learn – whichever form they choose.


We want to see everyone reach their full potential. Springests’ learning advisors help employees decide on their next step.

Supplier management, course administration and invoicing. While your employees are tackling their development, Go takes care of everything in the background. Receive two monthly invoices instead of a thousand separate ones. We help you get rid of everything in the way of learning.

״Flexible, adaptable and innovative. Springest Go is the future of Learning and Development. The investment easily repays itself.”

“We’ve been dealing with a learning broker since 2007. When the contractual period ended, we started looking for a different partner. A large part for this was the desire for a better User Experience (UX) and the high (fixed) costs. Springest jumped out of the crowd because of their innovation, usability, ‘pay per booking’ and the comparison features.”

René Castelijns

Sr. L&D advisor, Aegon

Included feature & service modules


The Management Dashboard grants direct insight to your employees search-, book- and reading behaviour. Met het Management dashboard krijg je direct inzicht in het zoek-, boek- en leesgedrag van jouw medewerkers.

That’s how you data-drive decisions.


Learning advice

Springests’ learning advisors help your employees by finding the best-fit learning product. Questions about learning products, registrations or other aspects are serviced over the phone.



User-first design

Stimulating employability is a tiresome process when there’s barriers in place. Go shares the roots of Springest.nl – search, book, filter and compare in the most user-friendly way there is.


Course administration

Go takes away the back-end burden. We automate all course administration, you focus on driving strategic change.



Permanent education? We have you covered with the PE-point tool. Employees can automatically or manually maintain their PE-points.

Springest makes the entire PE-point admin simple and insightful.


Approval flows

Springest Go easily arranges approval flows. Managers, HR or even the board of directors can approve every learning product.


Learning catalogue

Springest Go has more than 200.000 learning products worldwide. Every form of learning is present: from e-learning to blended learning, from the classroom to short instructional video’s. Even when a learning product isn’t available on Go, Springest will take care of the registration and have it present for future use.



We match learning wishes to providers and help organise group trainings. Make the request, receive three quotes and choose the best one. We’ll take care of the rest.



Social Learning

How good is a learning product really? With Go, employees share reviews when they’re done. Search results reward the best products with a higher position. With Learning Moments, employees archive all ‘On-the-job’ learning. Artificial Intelligence matches learning profiles to learning products.


Supplier management

We add new suppliers and take care of all negotiation. We guarantee up-to-date product data.



Optional modules

Go can take over the invoicing for all learning content. Receive one invoice bi-weekly instead of thousands of separate ones.



Personalised learning

Varying functions, varying needs. We personalise your learning platform’s offering by grouping employees in your organisation.


L&D Consultancy

How do you form a vision on learning? What works for your organisation and what do employees want? How does this connect to your company’s mission? Springest’ Learning Platform Consultants help you with these questions and more.


Organisation budget

Many organisations clear a fixed-yearly amount, only to divide this in individual learning budgets at a later point. Save time and let Go take care of this for you.p>


License to Operate (LTO)

Go matches required certificates to learning products and ensures your employees are compliant.


Managed Training Services

Finding a suitable group training, booking a venue, making sure the catering is present – we take care of every detail. You just need to focus on learning.



Split payments

Learning products are often budget-bound. Is an employee short on budget? Then compensation is possible from the department budget, vacation hours or salary. Whatever works for your organisation.




Learning Management Systems are powerful, but they lack content. Connect learning to performance by integrating Go with your LMS.


Preferred Suppliers

200.000 learning products from every provider, 200 from Preferred Suppliers or a combination thereof. Whatever your learning catalogue should look like, with the Preferred Supplier module you’re in charge. Maintain exactly which learning products are on your platform and the discounts you can receive.



Learning budget

Employees can view and maintain their learning budget in their profile. Saving up is possible in case of periodical renewals.



Go benefits your entire organisation


Become agile. Develop your human capital. Retain employees. For HR these are three challenges towards sustainable employability. Springest Go makes your organisation’s progress towards this measurable. Employees self-service their learning needs, Go takes care of the details – you drive strategic change.


Price-agreements, setting up preferred-supplier contracts and taking care of payments. Adhering to everyone’s learning needs is a challenge in large organisations. Go takes care of the back-end burden and offers discounts throughout the entire learning content offering.


Whether it’s about keeping a job or being ready for something new – continuous learning is an inevitability. Go removes barriers to learning and lets employees search and book themselves. Lacking inspiration? Then our learning advisors and social-learning layer are there to clarify the next step.


A good conversation about development is crucial for a good working relationship with your employees. Go makes the step to learning easier by automating complex proceses and presenting a clear overview.

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