E-Learning integration

You’ll start easy with learning if you have everything you need in one place. Without the fuss. That’s why Springest Go integrates with many learning forms.

All your employees can start immediately through one portal.

Learning through one portal

Are you using an e-learning environment for internal trainings, or do you have an external supplier? Perhaps an all-you-can-learn supplier of online modules? We’ll integrate it into Springest Go – before you can blink. 


Online coaches

Internal coaches and trainers get their own place in the system. You determine which employees have access to your intel corporate university or trainer’s pages. They can then add their homebrewn courses or trainings themselves. 



Knowledge has no fixed path. That’s why content such as e-books can be added to your own Go environment. Do you have other content as learning material? We’ll integrate it into your entire selection.

Learning Tools Interoperability

LTI is a standard through which making an account, or logging in, is no longer necessary for the student. Thanks to LTI and Single-Sign on (SSO), the student will automatically be sent to the chosen e-learning environment from Springest Go. The student can then start his e-learning module, without any unnecessary steps. Integration means breaking barriers. 

One central learning platform

Springest Go is made to offer all of your learning material in one central place. Want to learn more?