Is your organisation reaching its full potential?

HR Analytics | Data-driven HRD

Large organisations necessitate flexibility and employability among their staff. A full overview of all learning activities contributes to this – the generated data results in better strategic decisions. Which skills do you have in-house? Which need development? What do employees themselves want?

Springest Go gives you all this in one central learning platform. The power of real HR Analytics redefines the word ‘overview’. 

A new learning goal is two clicks away

Hurdles get in the way of stimulating employability. Springest Go is made based on Springest’ user platform. Over 300.000 monthly visitors showcase that Springest is the user friendliest way to search, book and compare. 

Made-to-measure and learning advice

Every organisation and every person has different learning needs. Even with our large selection of learning products, made-to-measure courses can be a desirable way to meet your learning goals. Wether you have specific needs or budgetary challenges – we’re here to help.

Speaking of help: there’s a good chance your employees want advice about learning products. We have a team of Learning Advisors who are there to help your employees make the best choice.

How much of your time is taken up by course administration?

HR and procurement are important strategical cogs in the wheel of any organisation. Why then is 80% of your time swallowed up by administrative tasks?
We’ll automate your course administration, while you can focus on strategically driving change. Colleagues in procurement will receive one central invoice for all your organisation’s learning products. Say goodbye to the back-office burden.

Supplier Management

The availability of learning products has grown explosively. Our learning catalogue gives your employees the overview. It doesn’t stop there: HR and procurement will have a total overview of all budget spend and discounts received. We’ll take care of any discount agreements whilst ensuring your course information is up-to-date.  

Crowdsourced Quality Management

Because reviews from colleagues are valuable, we feature these prominently for your organisation. We also determine the search-result order based on review score. You’ll see the best courses highest in the results.

Mobility management

Mobility is a must for agile organisations. Maintaining a full overview is a challenge. With Springest Go, you can distribute learning budgets to (former) employees. Does the cost of the learning product exceed the employees’ budget? Then you can split the bill with our Split-Billing feature.

Viral Learning

An overview of what your peers and colleagues think of a learning product lays the foundation for Social Learning. With Learning Profiles, Learning Bites, learning lists and more Social Learning features, you can create a real learning organisations. Employability has never been easier.