Potential knows no borders

Helping your employees reach their full potential is not bound by country, or limited by borders.
Springest Go scales with you – wherever you are.


Local-currency invoicing

Euro’s Dollars, Yen, Peso’s – whichever curency or local-tax demands you need to adhere to, Springest Go can handle it.


Multilingual support

All employees of Springest are fluent in English. We also have native Russian, French, German and Spanish colleagues who are ready to help you whenever necessary. To ensure quality, we do not outsource our support to callcentres. 

Springest Go in your language

Our interface is already available in Dutch, English, French and German. Spanish will soon be available too. Do you want Springest Go in a different language, local to you? Within three months we’ll have it fully translated and running.

We have learning products available
in six languages.

Social Learning in all languages

Springest en Français? Oder lieber auf Deutsch? 
All Social Learning features are immediately adaptable – and not limited by – the platform language of your choice.
With no language barrier, your learning is free to go viral.

One central learning platform

Springest Go is made to offer all your organisation’s learning products in one place.
We can scale with you to any location – wherever in the world.