HR Analytics and L&D Analytics

A central offering of learning creates an assembly of valuable data.
With HR and L&D Analytics you get a complete overview of expertise development in your organisation –
including the costs thereof.


Insight in search,- and booking behaviour

Springest grants insight into your employees learning needs and wants. Because Springest Go offers all learning activities – including internal trainings – in one spot, you know exactly how your organisation is doing to develop your employees.  

Springest has data on learning products of 5.500+ providers in the Netherlands and 7.000 worldwide. Want to know what your employees are already using Springest for?

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Easily create reports

Springest Go’s admin environment showcases all course registrations at the click of a button. Periodical evaluations of the amount of trainings followed and which costs have been made are at your fingertips.

It’s also possible to download reports on the status of course registrations. Even cancelled registrations, or registrations in progress, are available whenever you want.

Usage statistics

Springest shows all usage data of your learning platform in the Admin environment. Here you’ll find statistics on the most visited pages, trainings and subjects.

Insights gained through the usage of the platform allow for strategical L&D adjustments. You can make internal trainings more visible by placing them at the top of search results, or send activation e-mails – with our help – to showcase the learning catalogue to employees.

Take the guesswork out of it

Which in-house skills do we possess? Which skills are being developed? What do our employees want to learn?
Springest Go gives you the overview.