Incompany, advice and further outsourcing

Search, book, compare. Request advice, made-to-measure trainings or an RFP.
We’re your Learning Services Partner.

Learning advisors

Springest has a team of learning advisors that help your employees find the best-fit learning product for their needs. Every Go platform has its own team, allowing our learning advisors to really get to know your organisation’s employees and learning needs.


Incompany requests

Made-to-measure learning products are invaluable to the learning catalogue. Our Incompany matchmakers are there to help you. Together with you they clarify requirements and demands. They then spread the training request among more than 7.000 providers – you just need to choose based on three quotes.


Sometimes it’s necessary to add new (preferred) suppliers to your learning platform. Springest makes the Request for Proposal and sends this out through it’s network of 7.000+ providers. You choose a new supplier based on three quotes.

Expanding your catalogue has never been
this easy.

Managed Training Services

Go makes the step to learning easier by automating complex processes and presenting an easy-to-browse learning catalogue. Management gets complete support with group bookings. From advice to booking a training venue, or the lunch – we’ll take care of all the details.

Always a complete learning catalogue

Springest Go is ready to coordinate all your organisation’s learning activities.