Springest Go Integrations

Help your employees get more out of your LMS, connect Springest Go to any HR Environment. Integrate learning with assessment and procurement systems.

One central learning platform –
even for your back-office.

Working integration with SAP SuccessFactors

Springest Go is the only learning catalogue that offers seamless integration with SAP SuccesFactors (SxF). Through a two-way connection, our learning catalogue of more than 200.000 products becomes bookable using SxF’s approval rounds. Data is seamlessly exchanged between the two systems, allowing you to tie learning to performance, talent assessment and more.  

One-stop-shop for learning and performance

Procurement’s place for complex transactions. HR’s place for performance management.

The place for employees to get all the information necessary for their career – from procedures and assessments, to the next step. Create the central environment that your employees need to reach their full potential.

We wanted our colleagues and HR department to have a central place where everything is accessible – from your payslip to a training. We stimulate and support our employees’ development from a communal vision on learning. We feel that learning is still too fragmented within our organisation. By connecting Springest Go to AFAS we’ve laid the foundation to combat this. Maarten Reijgers

HR Specialist, VvAA

The same look and feel for all digital learning environments

Your organisation is the place employees come to learn. Springest Go offers your employees a bridge between their current performance and their full potential.

Springest Go integrates with your LMS, intranet or e-learning tool. Your employees log into one central place and can start learning straight away.

Employees start on the Sharepoint intranet and navigate to the selection of learning products. From here you’ll land in the Springest Go environment. In it, employees can self-service their learning needs by searching and comparing the most suitable learning product. Found the course? All they need to do is click the ‘book’ button and registration can begin. The registration page has a form in which all basic information is already pre-filled. There’s barely any visual difference between the Sharepoint environment and Springest Go. By applying a consistent house style and a seamless connection, it’s become whole.

Springest Go functions as the Google of learning products for Vattenfall.

Jessica Blom

Training Advisor, Vattenfall

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