All budget management options

Organisation budgets, individual learning budgets, payment options: Springest Go has the full financial overview.

Learning budget

Springest Go has a clear overview of an employees’ learning budget. The Admin has a full overview for HR, while the employee maintains a full overview of the available learning budget in his My Springest profile.

Saving up your learning budget is possible when budgets are renewed periodically.

Organisation budget

Want to get rid of the entire financial burden around learning? Springest Go can house the entire organisation’s learning budget. Compare this to a pre-paid model: you determine what you can spend, we take care of the rest. Whatever is left after a period, goes back to your organisation.


Split payments

Have a learning budget available for € 750 but does your employee want a course for € 1150? Then we can compensate the difference with the salary, department budget or built-up holiday hours.

Leerplatform for real learning organisations

Springest Go is more than just a learning platform.
We’ll support you with every learning activity.