All forms of learning in existence

From modern to traditional, books to short clips to ‘Learning on the job’ and everything inbetween.

e-Learning & Blended Learning

kickstart your development without entering a classroom.E-Learning means gaining knowledge online – or at least, from a distance. Blended learning is a combination between face-2-face knowledge transfer and E-Learning. The biggest advantage: refer face-2-face sessions to an exact-video timestamp, sent as course-reference work.

Learning Moments

Learning Moments allow an employee to share what he learns during the day. A tip from a colleague. A blogpost. Findings after a training. All learning becomes visible, conforming to the 70:20:10 model.

Internal Academy

A lot of organisations start their internal academy or corporate university to spread knowledge gained through years of experience. Springest Go makes this findable. Internal trainers register as providers in the system. Employees can register directly. You get an overview of all data generated from bookings – internal or external – plus reviews.


Why take an entire course in Excel when all you need to learn is how to create a pivot table? Springest Go support microlearning by making small-learning material easily findable. Microlearning is especially effective in the form of short clips. Want to explain how to declare costs internally? Or maybe you want to create an onboarding series? Springest Go makes it all findable.

Social Learning

Connecting learning moments through our Soial Learning layer makes all your organisation’s learning activities visible. Using Artificial Intelligence, Go matches learned subjects with deepening – or broadening – material, turning you into a real learning organisation.

PE-point registration

Springest maintains an overview of PE-points from it’s providers. Can employees earn PE-points from external trainings? Then these will be automatically added to the learning profile after booking.

Classroom learning

Modern forms of learning can be sufficient, but sometimes the classroom is the best method to kickstart a new step. From a short First-aid course to a full MBO – everything is on Springest Go.

(e-) Books

Learning doesn’t just happen on-the-job or in the classroom. Springest Go has almost 2.000 (e-) books available.

Learning platform for real learning organisations

One central location for all your organisation’s learning.