License to Operate

Always safe and compliant with the License to Operate (LTO) module of Springest Go.


Mandatory-learning profiles

Create mandatory-learning profiles and connect them to your learning catalogue. The LTO-module integrates seamlessly with the learning content offering.

It’s possible to connect multiple providers to a mandatory-learning profile. Through this an employee can choose the best personal fit.

Employee profiles

Connect mandatory-learning profiles with employee profiles. All learning demands that employees need to adhere to will be instantly visible. Employees see a certificate’s date of expiry and receive alerts when that date is near.


Go checks daily which certificates are in danger of expiring. Is an employee not yet registeren for a mandatory course? Then the employee as well as the manager receive notice. The notice directly links to the relevant learning content – registration is just two clicks away.

Compliance and learning in the user-first leerplatform

Springest Go is more than just a learning platform.
We support every detail of a life long learning.