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“Springest Go saves us 15% on our annual learning costs.”

Arjan de Bruijn, Manager Academy – Stork

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Changing markets necessitate agility.
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I want a basic solution

A standard Springest Go learning platform is available from € 10.000,- annually, with a one-time set-up fee  € 10.000,-


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I want a full solution

Need to outsource and automate more than a learning platform allows? We’ll take care of invoicing, course administration and supplier management for you. HR and Procurement focus on strategy – we’ll handle the details.


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I want a total solution

We’ll take care of all of L&D’sW operational tasks for learning and vitality. We’ll automate the course administration. Take care of invoicing. Handle supplier management for you. We’ll even book a lunch during your employees’ training. In other words: we’ll handle everything, your employees just need to focus on learning.


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Don’t take our word for granted

Here’s what our customers say:

“T-Mobile wants to be the‘Challenger’ in the market, but also as an employer. To achieve this we need like-minded employees. Curious people that are open to new ideas and learning from each other. When shaping a learning culture, no one fits in a box. Learning is personal. Springest Go offers our employees the ability to choose themselves – after all, they know best what they need to learn. In a market of continuous change, learning is non-stop. Not just in a classroom, but also through ‘coaching on the job’ and just by doing.”

“We chose a Springest Go learning platform to facilitate this ambitious vision.”

Esther Burger

HRD Manager and winner of the L&D Innovation award, T-Mobile

“Rather than 5.000 – 10.000 seperate invoices, we now receive only 100 per year. We lose less government grants for trainings. Because we can keep track of our learning activities, we never miss a study-agreement with our employees. In terms of direct benefits we now have discounts over our entire learning catalogue, without limiting it’s size or quality. No more maverick buying.”

“Because of Springest Go we save 15% annually on all our learning costs.”

Arjan de Bruijn

Manager Academy, Stork

“We have an almost limitless offer of learning products, without us having to process an almost limitless amount of invoices, or have to negotiate discounts. This makes our lives much simpler en saves us two-to-three FTE yearly.“

“Mobility projects are complex – Springest Go simplified it. I’m proud that we support our employees with respect – by keeping them employable.

Stefaan Stroo

HR Project Manager, ING

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