Security & Privacy

Springest Go is a source of data for learning organisations. That’s why security is on of our main priorities.

Springest is ISO 27001 certified.

“I’m impressed with the way Springest handles information security. The policies are up-to-date, clear and encompassing. Questions were answered swiftly and clear, which gave me confidence in the security of our learning platform. Nice to see serious this young company takes security.”

Henk Groenink

Information Security Officer, Holland Casino



When an employee leaves behind inforation on Springest Go, for example by publishing a review, we explicitly state thisWanneer een medewerker op Springest Go gegevens achterlaat, zoals bijvoorbeeld het geval bij het publiceren van een ervaring, wordt dit vooraf
duidelijk aangegeven.

Data Processor Agreement

Parties that share data with each other have to sign the Data Processor Agreement. In it, agreements are made about securing data, the duration of processing and the removal of data at the end of the assignment.



All personal-and-company information necessary for Springest Go are bound to strict privacy-terms & conditions. Springest collects only a minimum of data, based on clear grounds for processing, with a clearly-described goal. We communicate clearly and transparently about this at all times.

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Springests’ servers are hosted by Amazon with datacentres in Frankfurt and Dublin, abiding by EU-privacy regulation.

Read about server-security information and the power of the Amazon Infrastructure Team.

Safe log-in

Logging in to a Springest Go platform is done via Single-Sign On (SS), or with seperate log-in credentials – whichever you prefer. With seperate log-in’s we employ a password policy that demands passwords adhere to complexity and safety requirements.

2-factor authentication is also possible.



Springest Go solely works via SSL. Browse all learning products in
a secure environment.

SSL makes Go future proof for the new HTTP/2 standard, aligning security with speed.


Share files through the Admin

E-mails can be intercepted, filesharing service lack control. With Springest Go’s File Share feature your organisation will only have to share files through the secured environment of the Springest Admin.

Penetration Tests

 Independent third-parties regularly execute pen-tests on behalf of their clients. We’ve passed them all.

A safe learning platform

Springest Go meets the strictest of security demands. Do you want to become a safe-learning organisation?