Social Learning

To share knowledge is to gain knowledge. In a world where ‘everything’ is in excess and choice is overwhelming, your network can you help you make the next step.

Network learning

Springest Go brings together the entire learning history of your network. With the data of your peers, the platform suggests your next step.

Your next step was never this logical.

Learning community

How do you recognise the difference between ‘good’ and ‘great’?

Springest Go allows you to share your opinion of a learning product with your network. That’s how you keep learning from your peers, even when you have yet to start. 

Knowledge profiles

Leadership skills, an MBA and a series of Learning Bites about project-management tools: your department manager’s learning profile is there to inspire you. Find out what the learning path to your next level looks like.

One central learning platform

Springest Go turns learning into a topic of conversation.
Care to chat about it?