Go Vitality

Go Vitality brings Europe’s largest vitality offering to one central platform.

Healthy employees, healthy organisation 

Need a clear Return on Investment-picture? No problem. The Management Dashboard gives highlights Go’s usage – pie charts and all. Not just the search,- and booking behaviour, but the financial details too.

Not one group of employees is the same. A personalised offering keeps Vitality relevant.

The largest offering of vitality products in one platform. Search, book and compare in the most user-friendly way. Every employee can self-service their needs.


Which points still need improvement if you want to become a vital organisation?Go Vitality gives you the overview with the Management Dashboard. That’s how you data-drive a vitality plan.


Inspiring blogposts. Activational campaigns. Go Vitality allows you to actively communicate your organisation’s vitality efforts.

Connect your organisation’s strategy to your Vitality platform with creative agency Inhealth’s.

optional consultancy service.

“The practical use of the Springest Go platform is an interesting benefit, but the real decision factor comes from Springest as an organisation. They’re a modern, innovative company, with a vision on learning, development and employability that perfectly suits our own employability activities.”

Jurre Pellikaan

Manager Compensation and Benefits, Carglass

Go Vitality can also be deployed in combination with vitality consultancy from creative agency InHealth

Included feature & service modules


The Management Dashboard grants direct insight to your employees search-, book- and reading behaviour. Met het Management dashboard krijg je direct inzicht in het zoek-, boek- en leesgedrag van jouw medewerkers.

That’s how you data-drive decisions.


User-first design

Stimulating employability is a tiresome process when there’s barriers in place. Go Vitality shares the roots of Springest.nl – search, book, filter and compare in the most user-friendly way there is.


Personalised offer

Varying functions, varying needs. We personalise your learning platform’s offering by grouping employees in your organisation.


Course administration

Go Vitaliteit takes away the back-end headache. We automate the course administration, you continue to drive strategic change.


Privacy protection

Privacy is crucial when dealing with re-integration. Approval flows can be customised so only the company doctor can view the details.



How good is a vitality product really? With Go, employees share reviews when they’re done. Search results reward the best products with a higher position.


Articles & inspiration

Culture thrives through communication. Go Vitality allows you to blog and communicate about your organisation’s vitality movement. This is how you kick-start real cultural change.

Vitality catalogue

Go Vitality offers your organisation a catalogue of more than 3.000 vitality products. Your employees search, book, filter and compare their own befitting solution. You maintain full overview.

Optional modules

What’s possible within your organisation? What do employees themselves want? How does this connect to your company’s mission? InHealth’s experts help you with these strategical questions.



Go can take over the invoicing for all vitality content. Receive one invoice bi-weekly instead of thousands of separate ones.



Managed Training Services

Finding a suitable group training, booking a venue, making sure the catering is present – we take care of every detail. You just need to focus on learning.



Supplier management

We add new suppliers and take care of all pricing agreements and discounts. You’ll never need to create a new preferred-supplier contract.



Organisation budget

Many organisations clear a fixed-yearly amount, only to divide this in individual learning budgets at a later point. Save time and let Go take care of this for you.p>


Split payments

Vitality products are often budget-bound. Is an employee short on budget? Then compensation is possible from the department budget, vacation hours or salary. Whatever works for your organisation.




Learning Management Systems are powerful, but they lack content. Connect vitality to performance by integrating Go with your LMS.


Vitality budget

Employees can view and maintain their vitality budget in their profile. Saving up is possible in case of periodical renewals.



Go Vitality benefits the entire organisation


Combat absence. Develop human capital. Retain healthy and happy employees. Three challenges in the way of stimulating employability. Go Vitality makes progress in your efforts measurable.


Pricing agreements, Preferred Supplier-contract creation and taking care of payments. Large organisations, large amount of employees – it’s a challenge to adhere to everyone’s wishes, but still have an efficient buying strategy. Go Vitality relieves the burden and offers discounts over the entire catalogue.


The line between work and life is increasingly blurred. Why would you only help employees develop within the bounds of their current job? Go Vitality allows employees to self-service their vitality needs – physical and mental.


A good conversation with employees about development is important for performance and team fit. Go Vitality bridges personal and professional development. Top-notch performance can’t be constrained by only job-related learning.

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User-first vitality-platform

You need more than a gym subscription to utilise your employees’ full potential. 



Vitality products

Sustainable employability, minus difficult process

Go Vitaliteit makes health and happiness accessible.
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